Makeup 911-Fixing a broken pressed powder

Have you ever dropped your favourite bronzer on the tile floor and as you cautiously open it you're silently hoping for a miracle that it didn't smash into a million powdery pieces? Whether its powder eyeshadow, bronzer any makeup product that is pressed in a compact, it can easily crack or end up in a million little pieces. The struggle is real! I can understand your pain! This happened to me with my favourite Givenchy Compact!

You don't have to shed a tear and toss it any longer! Try this trick instead!

Here is what you will need:

  • Rubbing alcohol 1-2 tsp

  • Stir stick

  • Money or back of spoon

1st: If your compact is cracked in bigger pieces, use other end of a makeup brush to crush the bigger pieces into powder (easier to blend and put back tother in end)

2nd: Spray or slowly pour in the rubbing alcohol

3rd: Using a small spatula or stir stick stir the alcohol into the powder, keep pouring in the alcohol until the powder becomes a paste. It will look like this:

4th: Gently use either the back of a spoon or a tissue wrapped money to flatten and pack the makeup into place.

5th: Allow to dry overnight, the alcohol will evaporate.

Clean the rim and voila! If fixing a broken shadow in a palette make sure to cover the rest of colours so they don't get sprayed!

Have you tried this trick before? Share your tips and comments below!


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