Ageless Beauty-Makeup for mature skin

Beauty is all about looking and feeling great. Age doesn't matter if we are feeling our best. Beauty starts on the inside. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, use sunscreen, keep stress to a minimum and exercise.

Good skin care is essential! Use an under-eye cream for hydration and to smooth the area. Use a night and day moisturizer to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and soften lines. Also keeps the skin hydrated. Exfoliating improves overall skin texture and allows the makeup to go on evenly.


  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

  2. A foundation primer is essential for mature skin.

  3. Less is more

  4. A lightweight foundation that provides just the coverage you need while allowing you to keep concealer to a minimum.

  5. Concealer: Always gently apply under eye as this is delicate skin. You can use your ring fingers and gently tap in towards the outer part of under eye. As you apply your concealer and corrector, do so sparingly. Any fine lines around the eyes will be accentuated -- not hidden -- if you apply too much product. Again, less is more!

  6. A loose, very fine textured face powder is less likely to collect in lines and wrinkles. For best results, apply with a large powder brush. DON'T OVERPOWDER! :)

  7. When wearing blush, soft colors like rose and apricot are more becoming. Blend well!

  8. Eyeshadow: NEVER USE FROSTY EYESHADOWS! Use an eye primer, matte powder shadows, you’ll never go wrong with subtle nude or soft earth tones. For the best approach, look for formulations with subtle, iridescent shimmer if you want a little extra glow but nothing with too much glitter as you want to avoid highlighting fine lines and crepe-y lids.

  9. If black eyeliner and mascara seem too harsh, create a more diffused look with brown or dark gray. You can also smudge the eyeliner with a brush.

  10. Switch liquid and gel eyeliner for pencil liner.

  11. Always line lips to avoid bleeding. Satin finish lipsticks don’t accentuate lip wrinkles.

  12. Don't forget your brows! Creating a nice fluffy brow can take years off you! For a soft and natural look try using a powder instead of a pencil.

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